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Dicatec 3.0 2015
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Manual Electronic Dicatec is a project of the Star Automotive Center Ltda.

It has the following features:

- Search made, starting with the make, model, type and defective components
- Rich in technical information, details, causes, solutions and comments to the technical area
- There is an illustrated image of the defective component for each selected tip

Among the detailed information we have:

- Component Locations, electronic plants, relays, fuses, etc.
- Procedures to restore memory, and settings panels in general
- splints
- Air conditioner
- Engine
- Electronic injection
- Defects happened with customers and solution



IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO RESPECT THE STEPS OF INSTALLATION AND NEVER run the shortcut VIEJO, otherwise the program will no longer walk and the only solution is to format the operating system.

RunAsDate 2- Copy and paste on the desktop, run
3- "Application to run" search shortcut dicatec
5- The date is as it is and add + 2:00 the current time
6- Check the box of "Rush Mode", the other that is marked just leave it.
7- Put "dicatec 2015" in the empty space and touch the "Create Desktop ..." button to create the new shortcut.
8- Close the run as date and delete the old shortcut.
9- Always run the program from the new shortcut.

[b]Full Link = Thanks + Reputation + pm[/b]

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