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Bad cummins tunes lately
Hi y'all, who is doing these shit deletes with +22 degrees timing advance on ISX 871, 2250, and 2350s with ROTN in the customer info? I doubt anyone would put their name on this shit. It's time to purge this shit from this industry. Someone better fess up and stop doing what you are doing because you are killing expensive engines. We will figure out who you are so best to fess up now.
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"If u don't understand it, don't tune others trucks except ur own."
"If u can't do it right, don't do it at all."
I want to clarify somethings. I nevr intended 2 say jonny rotten was behind these tunes but that someone is tuning trucks and putting ROTN in calibration info.
I pulled calibration for proof if anyone wants really is that far advanced timing with engine stuck in alpha0 for those on mhh who read this.
already had 2 trucks in here cm2350s with ROTN in cal info and both came in on wreckers with broken liners and melted pistons. weird coincidence
hmm wonder if its the same programming iv pulled out of a couple engines maybe similar. but the timing is advanced to 19 deg, dieselontime table last 3 lines turned up by 25% and all the vec index tables have 123 in them lol

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